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At A Tree Company, our number one goal is customer satisfaction and healthy trees.  Our team of tree specialist service the Boise, ID and surrounding areas. If you are looking for any type of tree service give us a call today. We are fully licensed, insured, and certified to handle all types of tree care services as well as tree removal.

Our Tree Services

Dead Wood Removal

This is a very important part of keeping your trees healthy and growing. A Tree Company offers dead wood removal to the entire Boise area. Dead wood removal is the removal of dying, dead, crowed, diseased, weakly attached and low-vigor branches from the crown of your trees. It is very important to have a professional remove dead wood from your trees. By removing these limbs from your trees, you stop the risk of limbs and branches falling on your home or injuring an innocent bystander.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is a type of pruning. This is necessary to maintain your trees health as well as make it attractive and safe. Tree trimming should be done on a regular basis as it is a vital part of keeping your trees healthy and looking great. It also ensures your Boise home or business is safer, as we remove dangerous branches that could fall.

Crown Thinning

As your tree matures, it will need a crown thinning. This is the process of removing branches so that light is increased and air can move throughout the crown. By crown thinning, you reduce the weight of limbs and branches, open the foliage of the tree, and help it to maintain its natural shape. Crown thinning is very important for larger trees, as the lower limbs could die as a result of no light or air circulation. For a healthier tree, give A Tree Company a call today. We service the entire Boise, ID and surrounding areas.


Elevating is a process that removes the lower branches of a tree to provide clearance for vehicles, pedestrians, and buildings. This is very important for any businesses or homes. As low branches have the chance of scrapping the top of your vehicle, or damaging your roof. For more information about elevating your trees, give A Tree Company a call today.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a special process that reduces the size of your tree. This is usually done for the clearance of utility lines. We do this by pruning back the branch terminals and leaders to lateral branches that are large enough to assume the terminal roles. Instead of topping a tree, you can use this method to maintain the structural integrity and form of your trees. This is an important service that we offer to the entire Boise and surrounding areas. Our team is dedicated to the crown reduction process as we do not offer tree topping as an option.

Topping Trees

A Tree Company does not recommend topping trees. Our team offers crown reduction as a better means of tree survival. Tree topping damages your tree and is very costly, for more information on the harms of topping trees, check out this article from the City of Boise on the costs and harms of tree topping.


Tree Removal

A Tree Company specializes in tree removal of large and hazardous trees. Our skilled tree removal specialists are all certified, insured, and licensed and have many years’ experience in the removal of trees. We have experience with all types of problems such as, near utility lines, limited access areas, trees with decay, and trees near homes and businesses. We use only the best and newest in rigging equipment to safely remove your tree without causing any damage to your property.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the safest and most effective way of removing a tree stump from your Boise home or business. A Tree Company has small grinders as well as larger grinders for big stumps. No stump is too big or small for us to handle. For more information on the stump grinding practice, give us a call. This is the easiest and most cost effective way to remove a stump from your property. -Guaranteed

Cabling and Bracing

Tree failure is a possibility when you have weakly attached limbs or trees with multiple leaders. A Tree Company can use cables and braces to help prevent tree failure. There is no guarantee that your tree wont split, but cabling and bracing definitely ups the odds of tree survival. Cabling and bracing trees helps in keeping your tree safe and prevents it from splitting or breaking. For more information, you can give A Tree Company a call. We offer cabling and bracing to the entire Boise and surrounding areas.

Land Clearing

A Tree Company is experts in land clearing. Our team will have your land cleared and leveled for whatever project you may be doing. We offer our leveling and tree clearing services to the entire Boise area and our team is fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind. From clearing dead trees to preparing a lot for construction, we have the Boise area covered.

Shrub Pruning/Shrub Removal

Shrubs maintenance is a very important part of the health and look of your shrubs. A Tree Company specializes in the removal and pruning of all types of shrubs. To ensure your shrubs prosper, you should have regular pruning completed. If you want to remove certain shrubs from your Boise home or business, give us a call. Our team offers the best shrub services at an even better price.

Sprinkler Repair Policy

We will fix black poly repairs that take 15 minutes or less at no charge. Repairs that take longer plus sprinkler heads, PVC repairs, control wire and main lines will be charged at $60 per hour plus parts; or customer can repair themselves, or have it repaired by preferred sprinkler service provider.

Emergency Services

A Tree Company’s tree service experts are ready to help in the event of an emergency tree care situation. Storms may cause limbs or entire trees to fall, often landing on homes, cars or other structures. A Tree Company offers emergency tree removal service. We have the equipment available to handle up-rooted trees, leaning trees, fallen trees from homes and other structures while minimizing further risk to your property.

Firewood Delivery and Pick Up

Our firewood is mostly mixed hardwood or pine soft wood mix. Firewood is cut around 16”. We also have shorter lengths available for smaller wood stoves at an additional charge. Firewood can be picked up at our yard or delivered for $50.00. We also can stack firewood at your location for an additional charge. Our firewood is stacked and measured before loading on our trucks. We guarantee you will receive a full cord of wood when delivered.