Stump Removal

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A Tree Company is equipped with a stump grinder that can fit through a 36” gate.  We are also equipped with a boom truck that can lift grinder over fences.  We can usually get to any difficult to access stump for removal.

Stumps are usually ground 4”-6” below the ground surface.  This is plenty deep enough to re-sod or plant grass seed.  We can grind stumps completely out for new trees being planted at an additional cost.  We also include grinding any above ground surface roots when grinding a stump.

What to expect after stump removal:  After a stump is ground there will be stump grindings (mulch mixed with dirt) left over from the grinding.  The larger the stump the more stump grindings will be left behind (sometimes a few yards of excess grindings).  A Tree Company’s customers can save money by cleaning the stump grindings up themselves.  We will provide a separate price for clean up of grindings and hauling away any excess grindings.

Stump removal prices:  A Tree Company prefers to come to your home to give a bid on stump removal.  We can give you a firm price on removal and determine if there is any access problems or under ground utilities that might need to be marked.  If you have any concerns with under ground utilities you can call Dig Line, Inc. at 811 or 1-800-342-1585 to have utilities marked.  This is a free service provided by your utility companies and usually takes about two business days.  Following is an estimate of stump removal pricing (stumps measured at their largest width).  We offer multiple stump discounts and hourly rates for stump grinding.


The following is an estimate of stump removal pricing (stumps measured at the largest with including surface roots)

Stumps up to 12”
Stumps up to 12”-24”
Stumps up to 24”-36”

Stump Removal

Stump Removal Before Clean Up

Stump Removal After Clean Up